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Quality medicine starts with good principles, stewardship, and great Cannabis

It is our goal to provide the highest quality Cannabis in Arizona with our best in class growing practices. In 2015 we broke ground in our Phoenix based Cultivation Facility. Our business foundation started with Cultivation. As we have continued to develop our business and keep up with Arizona patient needs, we launched our Core Concentrates and Mockingbird Botanicals product lines. With the ever growing need for quality Cannabis flower and products we are happy to announce that we have expanded our Cultivation Facility from 40,000 sq. ft. to 75,000 sq. ft.

Close to home

How It Began

Our Tierra Grow founder was working his own electrical business when his sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The medication she needed to control her pain was opiate based and was making her just as sick as the cancer was. He knew several people who used Cannabis and heard of cancer patients using it as medicine to help with pain, nausea, to increase appetite and to help with sleep. Although he did not have much knowledge about how Cannabis was grown, he knew it may be what his sister needed. This planted the seed to create Tierra Grow.

A different way

The Turning Point

With the seed planted on Cultivating in the Arizona market and seeing what the benefits of Cannabis were for his sister, it was time to move forward with building Tierra Grow.

The Flower Source That Brings All Of Our Brands To Life

Tierra Grow is an indoor 75,000 sq ft facility. It is also the supplier of top-quality cannabis to our sister companies Core Concentrates and Mockingbird Botanicals. Providing us the ability to consistently control the quality of medicine throughout all three companies.

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Traveler Pack

Our Tierra Grow 2x1g Pre-Rolls are a two (2) pack of full gram, strain specific joints.  Perfect for on the go, each pack comes ready to go, complete with matches and a match striker.

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