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I developed the Unwind Your Mind Cooking Oil with the intention of an everyday use oil for Medical Marijuana Patients to use. My goal was to create clean medicine that would assist in a better quality of health through a familiar, reliable, and easy-to-use product.

Clean Medicine

Having clean medicine means to me, no solvents. Therefore, I choose to do a rosin infused olive oil. Many people are familiar with and use olive oil in their cooking, so it seemed like a reasonably choice. As someone who has made herbal medicines for over 10 years, I was able to decarboxylate and infuse the olive oil while keeping the strain and oil integrity in place. Making the oil into a shelf stable, strain specific masterpiece.


My Herbalism background has made me acutely aware of the different use and complexity of medicinal plants. This awareness has solidified my foundation when deciding how I wanted to move forward with the Cooking Oil. I know many people use distillate and add terpenes to “match” whatever strain they were trying to recreate. This was not an option for me. My Unwind Your Mind Cooking Oil is 100% all rosin infused, strain specific, with NO added terpenes. I feel that when you get to know a cannabis strain that you like it works better when it is the actual strain and not a recreation of it. Being familiar with strains that work best for you and having it translate to a way in which to cook is a game changer.


When I first starting to try edibles, I’m sure I had the same dilemma many others had…… how much should I take?! And just like you I have had the “I don’t feel anything”, “should I take more”, “oh, no I took too much!” experiences while trying different edibles. This is why we have always added the milligrams per milliliter on our labels (mg/ml). Yes, I do know that it is now required by law for everyone to do but I just want to point out that we did it before it was mandatory. Why does that matter, you may wonder. Well, it testifies on the fact that I wanted to have a product that is reliable. That no matter what is going on in the current laws, you can see how much is in the oil and choose what dose works best for you.


Turns out that the “easy-to-use” part seemed easier in my head then it is for some people. In receiving feedback from friends, family, and buyers in dispensaries I realized that although a solventless, strain specific cooking oil is amazing, it does not work unless patients understand how they can utilize it. Getting the question, “what can I do with it”, inspired me to start making recipes to share with others. I am by no means a chef or even a great cook BUT I love food and I also enjoy helping others. When I put recipes together, I literally am making foods that I enjoy or want to try. I taste test all my recipes and will tweak them until they are perfect. I am always open to know what recipes others would like to see and call upon my fellow medicating readers to tell me what they would like to see infused.

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